Customization Questions - (3)

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Customization Questions - (3)

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Customization Questions - (3)
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Three Questions:

#1. When Forma launches a SCORM e-learning module\object, it launches the course in an iframe instead of a separate browser window like most other LMS application do. Is there a way to change this behavior to launch the course in a separate browser window?

#2. When completing a SCORM e-learning module\object, the Learner must click the "Close" button located in the top right corner of the screen in order to exit out of the iframe that contain the course. Is there a JavaScript function (or something else) I can call at the end of the lesson that would exit out of the iframe and return the Learner to the MY COURSES, ELEARNING, or CURRICULA tab?

#3. I understand there are third party Templates and other things available, but where are they located? I can’t seem to find them

Maurice Ford

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Re: Customization Questions - (3)

Post by max » Tue Jul 16, 2019 9:34 am

Hi Maurice, I don't know who Marcello is... :-)

1) yes, Forma launches the scorm in an iFrame. It's not so true that most LMS open scorms in a separate window. Some do, some don't. However, you can easily achieve that with your scorm editor or with the scorm itself. Just modify it so that the scorm is opened in a separate window. Some scorm editors offer that option, Articulate surely does. If your editor does not, you might need to manually modify the manifest.

2) again, if you want to avoid using the default "close" button (many LMS have a close button somewhere, either on the top or on the bottom of their iframe) you can manage that in your scorm object. With Articulate Storyline or Rise the "exit" trigger is one of the default triggers you can insert in your course

3) Actually there are not third party templates. There is a plugin you can use to change the template from the interface. And there are several commercial plugins. We're in the process of setting up an e-commerce for plugins. In the meanwhile, I am sending you a list of the available plugins.
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Re: Customization Questions - (3)

Post by revkang » Sat Aug 10, 2019 8:35 am


Would i be able to get a link to a plug in to help customize the site I have?
Thank you!

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